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Why Simulate?

Simulation can solve real world problems in a safe and efficient way. A simulation model is a digital representation of a system running in a computer, described with algorithms and equations, giving the possibility to deep analysis of its behavior over time and to be animated in 3D. In the industrial perspective, simulation gives the possibility to test complex plants before assemble them, to validate the overall design, to discover the weak points, to test different scenarios and finally to meet all the production requirements. From the sales point of view, simulation allows to hugely reduce the time required to complete proposals, giving a unique instrument to show a running sample of the final solution to the customers.

What's your next simulation ?



  • money and time saving

  • risk-free environment

  • visualization

  • easy prediction

  • uncertainty handling

  • sales acceleration


Robot Simulation
3D Virtual Robotics 

Thanks to our advanced software platform powered by Visual Components, we are able to simulate any kind of industrial robot present on the market or to model a customized robot starting from your CAD design. Our powerful platform has built-in features for robot jogging, analyzing reachability and collisions, and defining robot logic and postures with control flow statements. 

Key features:

  • Any commercial or customized robots simulation

  • Cycle time estimation

  • Robot trajectories and postures optimization 

  • Collision check

  • Reacheability analysis

  • 4K HD video rendering of the simulation

Component Modeling
3D CAD Models Animation

We can import your 3D CAD models in our simulation platform and animate them. We can bring to life robot tools, simple and complex mechanical components, special machines, with respect of kinematics parameters and physical constraints. Thanks to NVIDIA PhysX  engine included in our platform, we can easily replicate the real physics interaction betrween objects.

Key features:

  • Wide range of supported 3D CAD files

  • Customizable kinematic structures

  • Functional behaviors definition

  • Real physics behavior simulation (collisions, gravity, friction)

Spotwelding BiW.png
Spotwelding BiW wireframe.png
Plant Simulation
The Perfect Digital Twin 

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical product or process, used to understand and predict the physical counterpart’s performance characteristics.

A production plant digital twin can help validate how well a manufacturing process will work on the shop floor before start with the real production. We can simulate your plant using a digital twin and analyzing why things are happening using our digital platform.

Key features:

  • Simulation of complete production plants

  • Simulation of internal transports & logistics

  • Simulation of human-machine interactions

  • Robot, AGVs, Machines and Transport systems interacting in the same simulation environment

  • Statistic analysis of plant behavior over time

  • Maintenance prediciton models

Software Validation
PLC Virtual Commissioning

The connectivity feature makes it easy to connect simulations with your control system using either the industry standard OPC UA or supported vendor specific interfaces. This enables virtual commissioning activities such as testing and verifying logic programs and control changes in the context of your production process. With PLC connectivity you can also visualize your production’s real-time activity, collect and analyze real time data, then test and simulate improvements.

Key features:

  • PLC logic simulation with real-time 3D visualization

  • OPC UA connectivity

  • Vendor-specific PLC communication protocols

  • Data collection

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