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WISE Project
Multi-scale multi-process machine for high value-added products with disruptive functionalities

MCH-TRONICS is partner of WISE Horizon Europe 3-year research project, setting a new frontier for product complexity by shifting the focus from geometry to functionality, introducing features such as selfhealing,
triggered biomolecule diffusion, and smart repairing. This disruption redefines current design methodology, leveraging advanced AI-aided engineering and multi-scale, multi-process manufacturing to achieve unprecedented complexity.
 MCH is mainly involved in WISE as integrator of the machine control platform.

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AutoMat Project
Compliant and fully automated circular solutions for multiple battery and battery embedded device enhanced by digital solutions

MCH-TRONICS is partner of AutoMat Horizon Europe 3-year research project, mainly focused on preparing batteries and EEE components (battery packs, modules, cells, parts and materials) for re-use, through the most advanced collaborative-adaptive and flexible disassembly, sorting and material recovery technologies and integrated solutions, in order to drastically reduce the amount of non-reusable parts and materials, and to return to the market with new products (including chemicals) able to meet the needs of the market. MCH is mainly involved in AutoMat as developer of the automated robotic solution for battery dismantling.

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AutoMat Flow
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Fluently Project
The essence of human-robot interaction

MCH-TRONICS is honored to announce its participation in the Fluently Horizon Europe 3-year research project, focused on latest advancements in AI-driven decision-making process to achieve true social collaboration between humans and machines while matching extremely dynamic manufacturing contexts. MCH is mainly involved in the AI/AE models development, HW/SW architecture design of the Fluently device, Robo-Gym design and implementation.

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Mesomorph Project
All-in-one machine for hybrid technologies

MCH-TRONICS  is proud to announce that is part of Mesomorph EU H2020 3-year research project, concerning the development of a new generation of all-in-one machine integrating three disruptive technologies (Femtolaser micro ablation - Two-Photon Polymerization - Atomic layer 3D nanoprinting). MCH is involved in the design of the machine architecture and in the configuration and development of its automation system.

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FreeWheel Project
Smart Mobility Platform for disabled people

MCH-TRONICS  announces that the FreeWheel EU H2020 research project, concerning the development of a smart-mobility platform to help disabled people, successfully ended on 31 December 2020. As developer of complex mechatronics solutions, MCH has been involved in the  FreeWheel product design and in the realization and demonstration of the final prototype.

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Painting Line Automation
Spritztech AG (Switzerland)
Thanks to ALUPLANT Srl, the completed automation of a big painting line was realized near Zurich. The Simatic S7 PLC and the PC-based Simatic WinCC HMI allow to take under control all the sub-system componsing this big plant, including:
  • Overhead Power&Free conveyor with 40 transport units
  • 5-stages pretratment tunnel
  • 2 ovens
  • 1 powder painting booth
Assembly & Test Bench
Ferrari SpA (Italy)

In collaboration with LAZZERO TECNOLOGIE Srl, the automation and operator interface of an assembly and test  bench for motors suction collectors was realized for Ferrari SpA in Maranello factory.

The CitectSCADA interface guides the operator step-by-step during the assembly operations with on-screen text and images. Thanks to a dedicate Excel-sheet it's possible to customize the assembly sequence.

All the testing equipments (electronic screwdriver, wireless torque wrench, leak-test and functional-test devices) are connected with the interface for data collection.

The test-bench is connected via Ethernet to the factory  MES database, sending all the data for traceability purpose.

Fumes Treatment Plant
Riva Acciaio (Italy)
In partnership with S.E.I. Srl and Alstom Power Italy, the automation for a steelworks fumes treatmnent plant was realized for Riva Acciaio in Lesegno (Italy).
The dedicated Simatic S7-300 PLC and the WinCC SCADA system control the suction, filtering and dust collection system. The flow inside the 2 chimneys is controlled by big inverter-driven fans. Each plant parameter is automatic selected from specific recipes taking in account the actual phase of the steel casting process. All the process data are recorded and shown in graphical views.
Compressors Test-Benches Traceability System
GEA Bock GmbH (China)

Based on Microsoft Visual Studio system, this traceability system was developed in collaboration with Lazzero Tecnologie Srl for the GEA-Bock GmbH compressors factory in Suzhou (China).

The system is able to collect test data from 6 different test-machines and to store them in a mySQL database, allowing the complete traceabilty of each single product.  The communications with the factory MES allows to associate the compressor with the corresponding production order and to printout a test certificate simply by scanning its barcode.

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