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Updated: May 17

Our team member, Corrado Fasana, had the incredible privilege of travelling to Rimini to attend ERF2024, one of Europe's most influential gatherings for the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence community.

Corrado took the stage to share groundbreaking insights from our latest research in Speech-based Human-Robot Collaboration, developed in partnership with SUPSI for the Fluently project. His presentation delved into the complexities and challenges of this cutting-edge field, underscoring its transformative potential.

The event provided a remarkable platform for our work, allowing us to engage in lively discussions with a diverse audience of respected engineers, academics, and entrepreneurs. These interactions were immensely rewarding, sparking fresh ideas and fostering invaluable connections for potential future partnerships.

We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our advancements and contribute to the collective knowledge within the Robotics and AI community. As we look to the future, we remain committed to exploring, advancing, and tackling new challenges in these dynamic fields.

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