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Mesomorph EU Project Final GA @ SUPSI

MCH-TRONICS is thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the Mesomorph project with the Final General Assembly, held at SUPSI in Lugano on May 15th. This event marked a significant milestone for all project members, encapsulating months of hard work and innovation in the field of micro-manufacturing.

During the assembly, we had the opportunity to showcase the final outcomes of the project, demonstrating the advanced capabilities of the technologies developed. The project demo, in particular, captivated all attendees by illustrating how our solutions can be implemented in industrial production.

Representatives from the European Commission present at the event provided extremely positive feedback, recognizing the importance of the Mesomorph project for the manufacturing sector and its potential application on a larger scale. Their satisfaction with the achievements and impact of the project was a source of immense pride and motivation for our entire team.

This event not only marked the conclusion of a significant phase but also paved the way for future collaborations and developments in advanced manufacturing technologies. We thank all partners, collaborators, and supporters of the Mesomorph project for their commitment and passion, which have been crucial to the success of this initiative.

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